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♥Xsiau Dai's self-introduction♥

Sam Yun -19 2014- -MIA college- -Single- [Thanks for being with me last time]
It's my life without reason.
I love it more than I can.
4 parts of my life♥

♥Moving forward to 100th♥

♥Moving forward to 100th♥

♥Xsiau Dai's Hits♥


[sTuPiD StUpiD sTuPiD!!!!]

y u oways kep ask de ques?
i oways ans no but u oso dun bliv
and kep ask de ques again n again
u dun fel fan i fel a!!!!

u n de yi xuan oways kep buli me!
i hate u 2 u noe?
coz of ur dad mom so i juz 忍~
u noe i sum time wil 忍无可忍 de ma?

u 2 wan play i company u 2 play
u 2 wan go whr i company u 2 go~
u 2 wan buly me i oso gv u 2 buly~
nt bcoz i sca u!
coz of ur dad mom!!
i hate 2 wif u 2 u noe~
u 2 cum my hse den wad i m doin i oso ned to stop n company u 2~~
dis nt enuf?

ya i m fat 没错
bt cn u 2 dun like dis 侮辱 me?
ur mom oso fat lo!
dun c u say her?
i noe u 2 vry slim~
no ned like dis say me~
fat is nt my fault
fat is no wrong
fat den fat la!
ned oways 挂在嘴边?

reli hate u 2!!!
dun kep ask dis ques again!!
i say no u 2 dun bliv~
if u 2 dun bliv den ask 4 wad?
no nid ask la~
juz folow ur mind la

[fren~nt say u al~is my cousin>,<]


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