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♥Xsiau Dai's self-introduction♥

Sam Yun -19 2014- -MIA college- -Single- [Thanks for being with me last time]
It's my life without reason.
I love it more than I can.
4 parts of my life♥

♥Moving forward to 100th♥

♥Moving forward to 100th♥

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Finally chinese oral test i have pass =="
I ready for so long time but reject to go out and speak
then I become the last 6 who not yet oral test =o="

I still have english and malay oral test ><".
Ah! Nearly forget our moral folio...
And.. I forget to take picture on Jogathon T.T....
Ishh... This and that also forget.==
Memory become more worst these few days.
Don't why, I have long times didn't touch my book and yet the exam is coming soon in August =o="...

Oh ya, PMR and SPM guys and girls, do well in your trial =].
Of course the true 1 is more important.
Wish all of you good luck =D
Trial is not very important so don't feel abject upset of your result if it do not reach your target.
You need to work more hard then =].
And always believe that:
All my form 3 and form 5 friends, gambateh =D!



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