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♥Xsiau Dai's self-introduction♥

Sam Yun -19 2014- -MIA college- -Single- [Thanks for being with me last time]
It's my life without reason.
I love it more than I can.
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♥Moving forward to 100th♥

♥Moving forward to 100th♥

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Acquaint many people since form 4 make me feel suffer.
Really suffer.
Knew many different kinds of people without sincere.
Hate it.
Same mind with ones:
Hope to leave here as fast as possible.
I don't think I can keep up when facing all those kind of people.
If you are me, you'll know it.
Perhaps I don't know 'share' means.
Yea I'm not used to share my feeling with another.
Although he or she is my friend or someone else.
Not because of what
Just that I don't share my feel since I was studying in primary school.
I just know I have to do myself well.
Anything I just know to do with myself.
So that I used to do something own and do not share with another.
That's why.
I remembered when I was in standard 6, I have to do project with friends.
And I was the head of that.
Well, I do most of the things my own and sometimes my friends thought of this things, they will tell me that that time they had done nothing. 
Until now I'm still remember. 
In my little mind, I think that I can't trust anyone already.
When there's someone treat me good or close to me (except my class's friends)
I'll think that :" What you are thinking about exactly? Do you sincere to me? "
I'm afraid actually.
Afraid that someone lie on me.
Maybe last time my class full of people that make friends just for company.
Now don't know ones can make me trust or not.
What the world is?
Make me full of suspicious.



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