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♥Moving forward to 100th♥

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How many hundred years I didn't upload my blog ._. It's such a miracle for me. I haven't tried before to not to online for so many days. Ya I was forced by exam. A suck things that almost ruined my healthy mind. Yea my batch was played fully by government. We had did analysis. For BM 1st paper, this year should out 'Peranan Ibu Bapa' but I couldn't find a word related to that. That's suck. For paper 2, novel part, this year should out perbandingan and what I found was nilai keperikemanusian and latar masa. Fck what's that?!

For BI paper 1 still okay, for paper 2, that's stupid question for novel. Asked us :" the event you feel angry and give your reasons". 'The event that I angry is sitting here now and letting the stupid government play me.' I should write that. For the novel 'Catch Us If You Can', you angry what in the novel?! =-=

For HISTORY paper. I should kill government at first. Hot topic that whole Malaysian spot for this year was "Suruhanjaya Reid, Piagam Madinah, Hijrah, Gerakan Islah, Tamadun China dan India for Pendidikan, Seni Bina, Sains dan Teknologi, Cara Kedatangan Pengaruh Hindu Buddha dan Pengaruh Hindu Buddha dalam Pentadbiran, Perang Dunia Pertama.....". Nevertheless, it just out Perang Dunia Pertama. What we spot before. Others? What's that? Oh fck =-=.

Government, I remember you =v=.
Study then, gambateh all candidates!


2 条评论:

焱炎 说...

haiz.. fck!! :(

yuan hui 元卉 说...

Haha~ my mum say oh~ sejarah la~ because the paper is same with what the whole malaysia spot~ so means the question leak liao~ then they change the question paper~ my mum say they prepare many set of question paper de~ then if got leak jiu change lo~ ._. Gambateh for next paper la~ Hope all malaysia dunno how to do the sejarah paper lo XD

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