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Sam Yun -19 2014- -MIA college- -Single- [Thanks for being with me last time]
It's my life without reason.
I love it more than I can.
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♥Moving forward to 100th♥

♥Moving forward to 100th♥

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When I know my friend love on a senior. I was like shock at first because I afraid that I heard something wrong. But then I was really happy, I don't know the reason. Her hostel had no water supplied yesterday. So she, followed by her both roommates went to the senior's rented home to sleep overnight. Then she said they had something happened but don't know her roommates saw it or not. Haha. What I guess is they kissed lol. However she denied it strongly and shy lol. I guess hiak hiak. Then she told me that the senior may not broke up with her girlfriend yet, but the broke once and their relationship are not really good right now. While my friend broke up with his boy already. Ahh who cares xD

So the senior is a girl, but a TB. Well, I will always bless you don't worry A___A.

The end.


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