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Sam Yun -19 2014- -MIA college- -Single- [Thanks for being with me last time]
It's my life without reason.
I love it more than I can.
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♥Moving forward to 100th♥

♥Moving forward to 100th♥

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Okay so, I'm here like finally. I spent most of the time in Seremban to work. After one week rest in hostel (or should I say I was sick like dying every night, coughing like I was in the hell yea) and I was taking train with Bao after I attend a talk. Oh well the talk is RM650 per pax but JE and I needed not to pay it because we were asked by our head of department to join this talk. I'm still wondering why we had been chosen. Sometimes you could see how lecturer bias to a student. Ok fine, whatever.

I was working then. As promoter in Watsons, Aeon S2. It's actually waiting the time passed until break and then got off work. It's hard to wait and wait when the customers were not bothering you or they didn't even give you an eye when you were trying to promote your products. Sucks right? Whatever.

Then? From Monday to Friday, I was a teacher in a tuition center (or daycare). Those kids are really annoying when they begin to do their works. It's not about questioning but their attitudes in studying. Perhaps they are too tired of waking up so early and then still have to stay at the daycare till evening. Even some parents asked them to continue their exercises after back to their home. Emm kinda sympathy for those children.

One of them, I scolded the most, but as well, I care the most. When she told me about her family background and situation now, I was so sad to hear about that and I'm regret why I don't care her more at first. She is still lit up her mouth though she was telling me all that. She showed that she was not even care but which child can bear it? I couldn't know.

Wish I can meet her in future. Maybe once. In some where, I miss this buddy.

The end.


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